Venkatesh Geriti


Venkatesh is a social entrepreneur known for being an anti-corruption activist and promoting ideas and policies of classical liberalism. He is the founder and president of Swatantrata Center, an Indian non-profit organization based in Hyderabad that promotes ideas and policies that empower human flourishing.

Previously, he started India’s Future Foundation, helped Students for Liberty start in South Asia with a south India chapter, and helped found Youth for Better India, which has become influential in the anti-corruption movement.

In 2019, Venkatesh received the Karmaveer Chakra Award from ICONGO and the United Nations, which recognizes “commitment and relentless courage by walking the path less trodden and initiating a wave of change in society”.
Venkatesh received the Delhi Youth Award 2017 from the India Youth Foundation for his work with India’s Future Foundation. He was also the finalist for the International Youth Icon Award 2014 by the Kafka Development Organization. In 2017, the Center for Civil Society (Delhi) included him in their “20 Years – 20 Champions” program that recognizes and celebrates contributors to a freer society.