Raghavendar Askani

Founder & General Secretary

Raghavendar Askani is a Liberal Activist and Economics Scholar. Raghavendar is the Founder and General Secretary of the Youth Parliament Program(YPP) and also is the Co-founder of Swatantrata center for human flourishing foundation, A Public Policy Think-tank based in India focuses on ideas and policies that cause human flourishment. Askani helped Students for Liberty start activities in Andhra Pradesh and headed a south India chapter. Askani worked as a National Co-Ordinator of Youth for Better India, one of the most influential youth organizations in the anti-corruption movement. Askani has been trained by Loksatta / Foundation for Democratic Reforms (FDR) at the School for Democracy. He is also an alumnus of LeaderXchange, an international exchange program organized by India’s Future Foundation, an alumnus of Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Atlas Network, Acton Institute, Leadership Institute, Language of Liberty, Centre for Civil Society. A social entrepreneur by profession Before this, He is a Development consultant who worked with various Indian and international non-profits organizations that work in areas of policy development, economic growth, and Entrepreneurship education. He represented various Indian organizations in more than 20 international conferences and workshops in the United States, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and France.

Raghavendar was awarded the Youth Inspiration Award for the Anti-corruption movement from United Hands Society for the People in 2012 and Public Citizen Award from People Action for Social Service in 2016. He received ‘REX Karmaveer Chakra Award’ and e-REX Global Youth Fellowship (e-RKGYF 2020-2021) in association with The Campus Connect instituted by United Nations (UN) for his ingenious works on youth empowerment, civic engagement, policy education, advocacy, and liberal solutions.