Policy and Leadership Program

Building the Next Generation of Leaders | Addressing Policy Advocacy, Governance, and Leadership for Positive Change

An policy & Governance Certification Course

Starts Oct 4th & 5th, 2023

Enroll by Sep 20, 2023

Two-day weekend course

Online Training program


The Policy and Leadership Program (PLP) is a two-day immersive Online Training program designed to equip individuals and young leaders with the knowledge, skills, and network needed to become effective leaders in the 21st century. This program is a collaboration between the Youth Parliament Program by Swatantrata.

The Policy and Leadership Program is tailored for individuals and young leaders at different stages of their careers, from undergraduates to recent graduates, or those who have recently entered the workforce. The program focuses on policy advocacy, governance, leadership, and data-driven insights into participants’ strengths and growth opportunities. 

Embark on a transformative journey of understanding and mastery with our Comprehensive Learning sessions. Explore the depths of policy, governance, and leadership under the guidance of engrossing lectures and interactive workshops that shed light on these crucial fields’ complexitie

Comprehensive Learning

Understand policy, governance, and leadership concepts through engaging lectures and workshops. Develop the skills and knowledge you need to be a changemaker.

Navigate the Landscape of Governance

Become a savvy navigator of the governance landscape. Learn from experts and engage in conversations to understand decision-making structures and citizen roles.

Learn from the Best in the Field

Our expert faculty are leaders in their fields, with decades of experience in policy and leadership. Learn from their insights and expertise to become a more effective changemaker.

Uncover Your True Leadership Potential 

Reflect on your experiences and learn from experts to uncover your true leadership potential. Gain insights into your strengths and areas for growth, and develop a plan to become a more effective leader.

Interactive Workshops

Our workshops are designed to be both enlightening and engaging. Collaborate with peers, participate in real-world simulations, and apply your newfound knowledge to practical scenarios.

Unlock the Essence of Policy

Dive into the core of policymaking with our expert-led seminars. Learn the nuances, complexities, and practical ramifications of policy decisions.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Understanding Good Governance, Policy Advocacy, and Leadership
  • Developing Policy Analysis, Research, and Writing Skills
  • Building Networks with Policy and Leadership Professionals
  • Self-Assessment of Strengths and Leadership Potential

Why Join PLP

Gain insights into your own strengths and growth opportunities as a leader
Get hands-on experience working on real-world policy issues.
Get certified in policy advocacy and leadership
Gain a comprehensive understanding of policy advocacy, governance, and leadership
Develop your skills in policy analysis, research, and writing
Build your network with other policy and leadership professionals

At the Policy and Leadership Program, we believe that comprehensive learning is the cornerstone of empowered leadership. Join us to gain the insights, skills, and confidence needed to make a meaningful impact in today’s dynamic world.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility :

  • Age: Over 18 years old
  • Background: College students, young professionals, development leaders
  • Interest: Public Policy, Social Entrepreneurship, policy space, Political, Governance, and Society

Limited participants will be selected based on their application and a competitive review process.

Course Fee: 

The program fees will be  Rs. ₹1,999/- 

  • Early bird applicants can get a significant discount on the course fee.
  • Merit-based scholarships are available.

Are you ready to take the next step towards becoming an influential advocate, a knowledgeable policymaker, and an impactful leader? Explore our program details and secure your spot today.